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History — Pre-TransAtlantic Slave Trade

The Role of Animals in Ancient Egyptian Worship
Imhotep — the true father of medicine
Women in Ancient Egyptian Religions
African Women as Heroine — great black women in history

History — Post TransAtlantic Slave Trade

Arab Culture & African Culture — ambiguous relations
Colonial Education in Africa

Recent History & Current Events

Is Racial Prejudice on the Rise in Egypt?

Today's Black Egyptians by the controversial Kola Boof

The African Tragedy — Superstition or Religion?

The Mask of Altruism Disguising a Colonial War


History — Pre-TransAtlantic Slave /trade

The African Presence in Asia: Introduction and Overview
The Black Greeks
Pre-Columbian Muslims in the Americas
Sculptures of Africans in pre-Columbus Americas
Black African Popes in Italy — a brief look
The Blacks of East Bengal
The African Presence in Ancient Japan
and China
— an introduction
Black People in the British Isles and
Early Northern Europe
— an introduction
An Honest Look at Voodoo
The First Americans Were Australians

History — Post TransAtlantic Slave Trade

Sojourner Truth's  "Ain't I a Woman" Speech
Sojourner Truth - A Brief Biography
Sojourner Truth - The Libyan Sibyl
Louisiana Black Women - An Ignored History

Recent History & Current Events


The Jena 6 - Unbridled Racism — see below

White Supremacists Advocate Murdering the Jena 6

Jena 6 — Wikipedia Account

Jena 6 — Final Call Account

Jena 6 — Charges Reduced Day Jury Picked

Jena 6 — Charges Reduced

Rapper Ja Rule & What's Wrong with America

Determined to Beat Diabetes - An African-American engineer overcomes a diabetic coma, 4 insulin shots a day and a 1337 blood sugar level!
Building Black and Latino Independence in New York City
50 Solutions to the Black Dilemma — a five part series
Ralph Ellison and Cultural Knowledge
Guinea Pig Kids — forced drug experiments on Black and Latino babies

History — Pre-European Contact

Pre-Columbian Hispaniola

Who are the Haudenosaunee?

What is the Haudenosaunee Concept of Creation?

The Constitution of the Iroquois Nation — superior to the Constitution of the United States...and over 500 years old
Alternative Ameridian Migration Routes to the Americas
The Significance of the Tipi
The Underlying Values of Haudenosaunee Culture

History — Post-European Contact

Six excerpts from the book "American Holocast":
Before Columbus
Pestilence and Genocide
Sex, Race, and Holy War
Four Freedom Fighters:
Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kekt  aka Chief Joseph
Tatanka-Iyotanka aka Sitting Bull
Goyathlay aka Geronimo
Tashunca-uitco aka Crazy Horse

Recent History & Current Events

The Occupation of Alcatraz
The Mascot Issue — Psychological Considerations
Regarding the Phrase "American Indian"
Indian, American Indian, and Native Americans: Counterfeit Identities
The Case of Leonard Peltier — statement of fact
Leonard Peltier — a brief biography


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Independent Sultanate in
 Western Sudan

In prehistoric times, the peoples of what is now

Darfur were related to those of the Nile Valley (including EGYPT), whose caravans probably reached the region by 2500 B.C.E. According to tradition, the region’s first rulers were the Daju. By around 900 C.E., Christianity had spread to the area; by the thirteenth century, however, the region had fallen under the domination of the powerful Islamic empire of Kanem-Bornu to the west, and the TUNJUR replaced the Daju as the ruling elite of the region. 
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